Tuesday, June 25, 2013

max the mutt

 This little guy is the perfect snuggler for any child.  He loves hugs from his quirky owner (me).  He is the perfect compainion for any couch potato.


Note: all stockinette 


Thick yarn

Size 10 needles

Tapestry needle

Black yarn for embroidery 

Gauge:5sts 1 in; 6rws 1in

Body/head: cast on 20 sts

Rw1-24:  knit

Rw25: knit 4 inc 1

Rw25-37: knit

Rw38: knit 4 dec 1- 20sts

Rw39: knit 3 dec 1- 15sts

Rw40: knit 2 dec 1-10sts

Rw41-47: knit (this creates muzzle)

Cut leaving a long tail, thread through tapestry needle pull through sts on needle.  Sew up dog gather sts on rw 24.  Emborder face.    stuff

Legs: make 4 cast on 10 sts

Rw1-1 : knit

Cast off leaving a long tail sew up stuff and sew to body.
Ears: make 2 cast on 5 sts

Rw1-4: knit

Rw5: dec 1 st- 4sts

Rw6-10: knit

Rw11: dec 1 st- 3sts

Rw12-16: knit

Rw17: dec 1 st- 2sts cast off sew to head

Tail: cast on 2 sts

Rw1-9: knit

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