Monday, March 25, 2013


I wanted to make some dogs, but didn't have a pattern, and didn't want to make one, so I went on google and found this great blog that had an amazing pattern.  so here's the link to the blog and her pics plus my finished products : 
her pups: 
and my lil' bro's sammy:
he's made with a larger yarn and hook  so he's a big lump.  he's made with the labrador pattern thank goodness my fellow blogger made such a varity of breeds. my little brother adopted this fuzzy guy and makes sure that he gets lots of kisses.

I wanted to make a dog that looks like my puppy, Shadow, just cuz she's so cute she has to be a toy. I used the german shepard pattern because she is a german shepard labrador mix. even though there are both breed's patterns, Shadow has more of a german shepard's face so I used the gs pattern.
and Oreo, who was made with the gs pattern but has lab ears. I used bulky yarn and a big hook, like Sam:
hope you like the pattern!

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